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”My dear boys and girls ... Christ, son of God and our redeemer fully responds to the purest
desires of human heart. He is come so that we“ might have life and that might have it more
(John 10,10)
He has ”the words of eternal life“
(John 6,68)
He is ”the way , the truth, and the life.“ (
John 14,6)
Proglas tells us: ”
Hear! Listen to the voice of your reason hear you, the whole
Slovien nation hear the Word, sent by the Lord Word that feeds hungry human souls ...
... likewise withers the soul. when it lives not the way of God, when it hears not the
Word of God. ...Verily I say unto you, Slovienes this gift is indeed a gift from God ...
Matthew and Mark, Luke and John teach all the nations ...“
The same words could be heard from Peter’s successor in Nitra, where the first
Christian temple was founded in 828 and first dioceses in 880. ”Dear friends, contemplate
the priceless value of God’s gift. Since the times of St Cyril and Methodius it has been
cherished by generations of your forefathers. Accept it in freedom that recognises
responsibilities and cultivate it further.“
Pope John Paul II made in Apostolic letter of 31st December 1980 SS Cyril and
Methodius co-patrons of Europe-together with St. Benedict. Since that time Constantine the
Philosopher has been rediscovered and is more vividly remembered in Christian Europe
and other countries. While some historians may have doubts about who was the real author
of ”Proglas“, many take it for certain that Constantine was the spiritual father of this poem
that reflects his spirit, his heart, his education, his poetic talents, his apostolic zeal, and his
figurative language. The figures of speech and images of ”Proglas“ are the same as were
used during the mission in the land of the Khazars, his disputes in Venice and are remind
us of his typical phrases, such as ”to write on water“ etc. Through his ”Proglas“
Constantine is alive, here in Slovakia, in Europe and in the whole world.
Even today, his words have lost nothing of their power.
Christ comes to gather the nations, ... he has been gathering them for centuries even
though people, his own people stood in his way. He wants to gather the nations in love and
understanding, even if we still most of the time stand in his way. So we live in hope and we
live in misery, we live in misery and we live in hope. The words of ”Proglas“ that describe
the soul that is dead without books find a special echo in Slovakia, where we experienced
a great persecution of Christ’s followers. Jails, gulags and, before that, gas chambers-souls
without the law of God were not only dead, but were wretched as well.
How many dead souls are in the world and in Europe today? This is a thought that makes
one shudder ... Christ is left on Golgotha. He, the Way, the Truth, the Life is exiled far from
Bethlehem. What animosity some people show him ... One of our poets said: trees and
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